Global Risk Data Platform
 Help about OGC-Webservices section 
This section of the Global Risk Data Platform allows the user to have a direct access to the data stored in the PreView database using different webservices defined by the Open Geospatial Consoritum (WMS, WFS, WCS).

In addition, we offer the possibility to view the datasets into Google Earth (KML) or in GeoRSS feeds.

Vector data are available through: WMS, WFS, KML and GeoRSS while Raster data are available through: WMS, WCS and KML.
For each webservices, we provide:
- the URL to get access in your favourite Desktop GIS application such as ArcGIS, QGIS, uDig, etc...
- a tool to generate the encoded URL to declare into your webmapping application. The user has to choose a country (to define the extent) and different layers he want to access. Then you click on the "Get WMx URL" and the URL will be created.

An example of the interface to generate a URL for a WMS service accessing the Cyclones Events and Cyclones Physical Exposure for Cuba.