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Dataset title: Gross Domestic Product 2010
Dataset reference data: 2012-06-28T08:27:17
Dataset responsible party:
Name: Pascal Peduzzi
Organisation: UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva
Phone: (+41 22) 917 82 37 & Fax: +41 22 917 8029
Address: 11, ch. des Anémones
City: Châtelaine / State: Genève / Postal Code: 1219
Country: CH
Role: Head of Global Change & Vulnerability Unit
Geographic location of the dataset:
West: -180 / East: 180 / South: -90 / North: 84
Dataset language: en
Dataset character set: utf8
Dataset topic category: dataset
Spatial resolution: ---
Abstract: In the distributed global GDP dataset sub-national GRP and national GDP data are allocated to 30 arc second (approximately 1km) grid cells in proportion to the population residing in that cell. The method also distinguishes between rural and urban population, assuming the latter to have a higher GDP per capita. Input data are from 1) a global time-series dataset of GDP, with subnational gross regional product (GRP) for 74 countries, compiled by the World Bank Development Economics Research Group (DECRG). 2) Gridded population projections for the year 2009, based on a population grid for the year 2005 provided by LandScanTM Global Population Database (Oak Ridge, TN: Oak Ridge National Laboratory). This dataset has been extrapolated to year 2010 by UNEP/GRID-Geneva. Unit is estimated value of production per cell, in thousand of constant 2000 USD. Cell level anomalies may occur due to poor alignment of multiple input data sources, and it is strongly recommended that users attempt to verify information, or consult original sources, in order to determine suitability for a particular application. This product was compiled by DECRG for the Global Assessment Report on Risk Reduction (GAR). It was modeled using global data. Credit: GIS processing World Bank DECRG, Washington, DC, extrapolation UNEP/GRID-Geneva.
Distribution format: ---
Spatial representation type: ---
Reference system: GCS_WGS_1984
Lineage: ---
On-line resource:
Metadata file identifier: e443d265-19f3-497b-8164-9e15cbc6fc70
Metadata standard name: ISO 19115:2003/19139
Metadata standard version: 1.0
Metadata language: en
Metdata character set: utf8
Metadata responsible party:
Name: Uwe Deichmann
Organisation: The World Bank
Phone: +1 202 473 6400 & Fax: -
Address: 1818 H Street NW, MSN H12-1202
City: Washington / State: - / Postal Code: DV 20433-0002
Country: CH
Role: -
Metadata date stamp: 2012-06-28T08:27:17
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