Global Risk Data Platform
The objective of PREVIEW is to provide global information on hazards, vulnerabilities, exposure and disaster risks in support of the implementation of the Hyogo Framework of Action. PREVIEW contains the global risk information produced for the 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 Global Assessment Reports on Disaster Risk Reduction of the United Nations Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR). This information has been produced by UNEP-GRID, NGI, CIMA Foundation, CIMNE and (list all partners and contributors) and is distributed with their consent.

All datasets on PREVIEW can be available for free for non commercial purpose (governments, international organisations, universities, non-governmental organisations, civil society according to the terms of the following disclaimer.

The development, maintenance and distribution of this information is costly. As such, and in order to ensure it's sustainability and further development, users are invited to make an appropriate voluntary contribution to the PREVIEW development. All such contributions will be reinvested in the research and development of new and enhanced risk information and in the maintenance of the data platform.

Pascal Peduzzi, Director, UNEP/GRID-Geneva ( Tel. +41 22 510 56 76
Gregory Giuliani, SDI officer, University of Geneva ( Tel. 41 22 510 56