Global Risk Data Platform
This project received the support of several organisations:

UNEP/GRID-Geneva []
DEWA/GRID-Geneva is one of UNEP's major centres for data and information management, with a unique, "value-adding" mandate in the handling of global and regional environmental data, which in turn support the environment assessment and early warning activities of UNEP and its partners. Located in the "Maison Internationale de l'Environnement" or "International Environment House" (MIE/IEH) in Geneva, GRID-Geneva occupies the niche of francophone centre for the global GRID network. DEWA/GRID-Geneva is supported by a "Partnership Agreement" between UNEP, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the University of Geneva.

The ISDR aims at building disaster resilient communities by promoting increased awareness of the importance of disaster reduction as an integral component of sustainable development, with the goal of reducing human, social, economic and environmental losses due to natural hazards and related technological and environmental disasters.